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Mistral Merlot 2008

I pulled Mistral Merlot from the wine rack for a weekend warmer. Fresh out of the bottle it was fruity with lots of plum and just a little spice to balance it. It needed a little rest by the fire whilst I watched the first half of the football. An hour later when the second… Read More »

La Manta Rayada Moscatel Semillon 2007

We had a bottle of La Manta Rayada Moscatel Semillon 2007 from Laithwaites, best described as a random white that was in the fridge rather than a carefully chosen selection for the evening. It was a curious wine. It had a pale lemon colour, and reasonable legs. Unusually for wine, it smelled of grapes. Slightly… Read More »

Sierra Grande Sauvignon Blanc 2007

I had a random weekday off work recently, there’s something delightfully naughty about not going to work when everyone else is. I took advantage by planning in a leisurely lunch, booking a table for three at a resturant before setting off for a trip arount the Herbert Art Gallery. The Herbert is undergoing some major improvements… Read More »

Vina Maipo Season

Sainsbury’s have Vina Maipo Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc and Vina Maipo Gran Reserva Merlot on sale again at ‘half price’. It’s reasonable value for a mid week wine at half price, but not at the claimed recommended retail price. I’ve only ever seen the wine stocked when it’s on half price offer, I’m sure one… Read More »