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Vina Maipo Season

Sainsbury’s have Vina Maipo Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc and Vina Maipo Gran Reserva Merlot on sale again at ‘half price’. It’s reasonable value for a mid week wine at half price, but not at the claimed recommended retail price. I’ve only ever seen the wine stocked when it’s on half price offer, I’m sure one… Read More »

Argento Mendoza Chardonnay

The Rugby World Cup has kicked off with a surprise result in Paris – Argentina beat the hosts. So it’s an Argentinian wine choice. I tried the 2006 vintage of the ever reliable Argento Mendoza Chardonnay. The wine is a balanced blend of buttery vanilla and tropical fruit. Think ice cream with pineapple, peach, apple… Read More »

Estampilla Pinot Grigio

I’m not normally a Pinot Grigio fan, although I have a friend who won’t drink anything else, so I usually have a bottle or two in stock. This one is an Estampilla Pinot Grigio 2005 from the Famatina Valley in Argentina. It’s a clear, pale yellowy green with reasonable legs. It smells fruity with a… Read More »

Argento Malbec

Argentina look like they’re going to go far this year, and Argento Malbec 2005 is the only Argentinean wine in the kitchen at the moment, so here goes. Another annoying plastic cork, with no good reason for not having a screwcap. Argento Malbec is a thick, dark wine, almost black, but you can see the… Read More »