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Threshers Voucher 40% for Christmas

The next voucher in Threshers’ 40% off series has arrived. This one will carry you through until New Year’s Eve. It looks like they’ve suspended their 3 for 2 offer while it’s on. Remember if you want cheap wine you may find better deals at the supermarkets, but Threshers do carry some nice regional wines… Read More »

Threshers 40% Off Voucher

It’s that time again, Threshers have issued their 40% off wines voucher ahead of Christmas. It’s not as enticing as it first sounds as you can get 3 for 2 on their wines all year round, and they tend to have priced that offer into the single bottle price. That said, a deal is a… Read More »

Radcliffe’s Barolo 2001

We had a Radcliffe’s Barolo 2001 this weekend. It had been hanging around in the wine rack for about a year, waiting for its opportunity to shine. It was dark with a slight tinge of brick around the edge. 2001 isn’t old for an old style Barolo, but this one was made for relatively early… Read More »

Thresher’s 2007 Voucher Has Landed

Threshers have released their 40% off wine voucher for Christmas 2007. You can download it here. It’s only good until 9th December so if you want to use it you’ll need to get to work quickly. Remember though that Majestic are offering 50% off some Champagnes and there are plenty of other offers out there,… Read More »

Thresher’s Sparkle

Thresher’s have taken sparkling wine out of their 3-4-2 offer. Boo! However, they have produced a 30% off all sparklers voucher to ease the pain. As with the 3-4-2 it’s worth having an idea of what you’d pay for the wines elsewhere as it’s not always a super saving, but here’s the voucher for your… Read More »