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Boxing Day Leftovers

Whilst Boxing Day might traditionally have been when the fine people at the grand house boxed up gifts for the servants, now there’s a new tradition of watching the football and eating leftovers. For some people leftover eating may last several days as large bird carcasses loom in the kitchen and cheese mountains start to… Read More »

Middle Class Drinkers

After watching the Rugby World Cup final yesterday (we were robbed!) with a little more wine than was entirely sensible it seemed we were the middle class drinking problem. A collection of gainfully employed people, full time parents and full time students we were ‘swilling’ back plenty of booze. The average bottle price hovered around… Read More »

Wine Porn

I was in London today, and found myself at Christie’s HQ in King’s Street. It is undergoing a major refurbishment front of house so there’s no space for art and no space in reception. That meant mooching about and I was drawn to the wine sale catalogue. It’s a nice piece of art in its… Read More »

Back To School

It’s that time of year when people start thinking of heading back to school. This will be the first September for three years that I’m not getting ready to start wine classes. I do hope I’ve passed my WSET Wine Diploma, but an evil little pixie on my shoulder whispers it wouldn’t be so bad… Read More »

Wine emergencies

Sometimes you need wine, whether it’s a bad day, a great day, a sudden burst of sunshine or unexpected rain, wine can be the best solution. I’ve had those moments on the bike, when I’ve been out all day, eaten my own body weight in carbs, and just want to sit on outside and enjoy… Read More »

Wine Challenge

I’ve been asked to spend £100 (c. US$200) on wine as a wedding gift. I don’t know the couple and the buyer doesn’t know wine, which doesn’t give me much to go on! I could get two cases of Blossom Hill – one white, one red, but it lacks romance. I could just buy one… Read More »

In search of Belgian wine

Today’s Tour de France presents me with a bit of a problem. It was in Belgium, the stage was won by a Belgian, Gert Steegmans, followed across the line by Tom Boonen who is, as you’ve probably guessed by now, a Belgian. So a fabulous day for Belgians everywhere, but unhelpful in choosing wine. I… Read More »

Kentish Wine

I went to Biddenden earlier this month. Here’s what the Pinot Noir was looking like in the first week of June. They just had a thin strip of Pinot Noir. Most of the planting seemed to be Ortega, and apples, lots of apples. Right now that may be a better bet as cider has taken… Read More »

Tasting Blind

This week I tried three whites from Alsace, three Cabernet Sauvignons, three Pinot Noirs from Burgundy, a Vinho Verde, a Californian Chardonnay and a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. If you did too, good luck! Related articles Whistling Duck Chardonnay Viognier Paris Street Pinot Grigio 2012 La Fonda Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere 2009 Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde… Read More »

Freaky Weather

England has been having some freaky weather recently. A hot, dry April, and a cool and seriously wet May have confused plants. A violent hailstorm shredded my courgette plants in a ten minute burst. It looks like the years crop may be lost, or at least seriously reduced. I’d never really had a view of… Read More »