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Kemp’s Rose

The World Track Cycling Championships are on, and they’re exciting. It hasn’t been the British medal-fest of recent years, but there’s some new riders coming through as well as some favourites from the Olympics. Vicky Pendleton is however, still being amazing so we cracked open a bottle of pink wine to celebrate (although she’s not… Read More »

Tickled Pink By Wimbledon

Wimbledon is upon us. A chance to eat strawberries and cream whilst sitting in the rain listening to Cliff Richard, should you require one. What better way to kick off the week than with an English wine. Welland Valley Wines produce the delightfully named ‘Tickled Pink’, a sparkling pink wine. It’s a delicate rose pink,… Read More »

Cune Rioja Rosado

T-Mobile are the latest corporate sponsor to pull out of professional cycling citing . We’ll miss them. T-Mobile’s bright pink shirts have been a cheery splash of colour in the peloton for years. To bid them farewell here’s the last pink wine of the year, a Cune Rioja Rosado 2006 from Majestic. It’s not quite… Read More »

Château Méaume Rosé

It was GCSE results week in England, and the girls whose results I was waiting on did better than they expected so what better reason is there to crack open a bottle of pink wine (not just for the children – drink responsibly folks). We had a Château Méaume Rosé 2005 from Bordeaux that I’d… Read More »

Back in the pink?

Vive Le Tour! The Tour is not covering itself in glory at the moment and last night’s prediction that Rasmussen wouldn’t make it to Paris came true rather quicker than I thought. My satellite box blew up in protest so I can’t watch any cycling until the weekend. Maybe it’s just as well. Daniele Bennati… Read More »