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Benjamin Darnault Pique Nique Rose 2013

It’s been sunny in England.  Not just sunny for England, but properly sunny, with temperatures up in to the 80’s.  This has had predictable consequences.  People who should know better have been outside in ill-fitting PE kit without applying sunscreen.  There’s acres of pink and sore flesh out there. Strangely, this sort of vision puts… Read More »

Lachryma Christi Rose of Vesuvius

When in Naples we fell in love with Lachryma Christi Rose.  I ordered it the first night we were there on the grounds that it was the only rose that was identifiably from the region, and I really wanted some cold, cold rose to cool me off. Drinking wine in the region in which it… Read More »

On Pink Fizz

It was Valentine’s Day this week. It seems that over the years it has gradually become a bigger deal in the UK. We don’t really do US style ‘holidays’ in the UK, so we haven’t yet reached the stage of everybody buying everybody else a Valentine gift, or decorating offices in pink and red, but… Read More »

Echo Falls

The end of the summer means the end of students in the house, and the end of Echo Falls bottles in the recycling. Echo Falls is cheap, when on offer you can pick up three bottles for £10. These two came here on a two for £7 deal. Unfortunately it doesn’t taste great, particularly not… Read More »

De Meye Shiraz Rosé 2009

One of the big bonuses of summer is the ability to sit out in the garden and drink pink wine whilst chatting as the sun goes down. My personal preference tends to be towards Spanish pinks, but I’m open to ideas. We had a bottle of South African Shiraz Rose. I don’t normally seek out… Read More »

Ogio Zinfandel Rose 2008

At this time of year I’m often craving a cheap, fruity, cheery pink wine. Ogio came in at a fiver from Tesco, with a fake deal claiming its actual RRP was double that, although I’ve never seen it available when it’s not on sale. So it seemed to be a good choice. Unfortunately it didn’t… Read More »