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Champagne Pierre Darcys NV

Champagne isn’t my favourite wine, but I do like it. There are some occasions which really suit fizz. Christmas morning and New Year’s Eve, weddings, new jobs, that kind of thing. Very often a Cava, Prosecco or even Asti will do the trick really well, but Champagne does shout ‘celebration’ more than any other wine.… Read More »

Eurovision Sparkle

It was the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend. For those of you outside Europe (or the Fererro Rocher serving neighbouring countries that join in) you missed a treat. It was a fabulous evening of craziness, wild frocks, LCD screens and cheesiness. We thought it the perfect time to crack open a bottle of Sekt Mild… Read More »

Martini Asti Spumante 1998!

I’m moving house. It’s hard work, but as we pack things up, make space and fill space, I’ve had some interesting discoveries. We found a bottle of Martini Asti Spumante. I love Asti. I know it’s naff, but it’s really refreshing and cheerful. It’s youthful and fun. At least it normally is. Based on careful… Read More »

Haus Osterreich Sekt – Austrian Sparkling Wine

The Germans and the Austrians love sparkling wine, drinking more per head than any other nations on earth. Sparkling wine drinking can get to be an expensive hobby if you stick to Champagne, or even the traditional method producers from around the world. However, Sekt provides a handy way around the problem providing cheap bubbles… Read More »