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Mateus Rose

Mateus Rose is now available in snack sized bottles. I had some at the weekend, and it took me back in time and space to 1980’s Bournemouth, where Sam’s mini-mart sold bottles cheap and we drank them quick. We used the empty bottles as candlestick holders, light fittings, book ends, and door stops. It was… Read More »

Sutter Home White Zinfandel

Wine is good. I hold this truth to be self evident, but now and again, my belief system is shaken. I had a Sutter Home White Zinfandel. It’s pink, very pink, a sort of small girl’s favourite bubble bath pink. It doesn’t smell of a great deal, a little like strawberry flavouring, the sort you might… Read More »

Spam Jam

I had a Rhone rose this week. I was in the mood for something pink and fruity so picked a reasonably priced one. It was certainly pink, with just a hint of orange lurking within. It smelled clean but not as fresh as I’d hope from a 2005. There was a hit of strawberries with… Read More »

Champteloup Rose

I spotted a wine in a Spar shop attached to a petrol station, admittedly not normally my first choice wine merchant, but it was Champteloup Rose 2004 from the Loire valley. We’d cycled to Chanteloup, taking a reasonable detour from the river, on the way from Chambord to Tours. It’s a French folly, a Chinese… Read More »

Stockman’s Pink Post

We spent the weekend sitting outside, barbecuing, splashing around in the pool and slowly turning pink. Factor 50 Sunscreen  did a great job in protecting me from the sun, but not the biting insects. On a hot day pink wines are perfect and we had some Nxg Stockman’s Post 2005 Shiraz Rose from Tesco. Next… Read More »

Muga Rioja Rosada

You could be thinking that it’s been a bad week for British sport. The footballers are out, the cricketers are appalling, and even the tennis players are history, but there is something to celebrate. You may not have noticed but Nicole Cooke won the women’s Tour de France this weekend. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts,… Read More »

Biddenden’s Gribble Bridge Rose

England take on Portugal tomorrow and I’m keeping up my patriotic duty with another English wine. This time it’s Biddenden’s Gribble Bridge Rose 2004. It’s made in a tiny town in Kent in what is claimed to be England’s oldest privately owned commercial vineyard. That’s about a great a claim as being England’s oldest un-injured… Read More »