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Asda Extra Special Falanghina 2012

I can’t drink Falanghina without declaring that I am Regina Phalange, Phoebe Buffay’s alter-ego from Friends.  Once that’s over with I can get on with drinking the wine. Asda Extra Special Falanghina is a pale lemon colour, and it smells rather nice.  There’s just a little bit of orange and peach blossom on a background of… Read More »

Picco del Sole Falanghina 2010

Falanghina always makes me think of Friends, when Phoebe called herself Regina Phalange for reasons that I can’t quite remember, but were amusing in the 1990’s. That’s probably not a great reason to buy a bottle of wine. This Picco del Sole Falanghina from Naked Wines is fine. It’s Goldilocks to some degree, not too sweet,… Read More »