Haus Osterreich Sekt – Austrian Sparkling Wine

The Germans and the Austrians love sparkling wine, drinking more per head than any other nations on earth. Sparkling wine drinking can get to be an expensive hobby if you stick to Champagne, or even the traditional method producers from around the world. However, Sekt provides a handy way around the problem providing cheap bubbles… Read More »

Henkell Trocken Sekt

Germans drink more sparkling wine per head of population than anyone else in the word, so on a brief trip I thought I’d join them. Most of the bubbles drunk in Germany are made there, but not from German grapes. Although they get through some Champagne and Prosecco the big market is in Sekt made… Read More »

I Heart Prosecco – Perfect for Prosecco Cocktails

If you wanted a Prosecco for Valentine’s Day then this one certainly looks the part.  The label features a heart, the name is Heart.  Quite why they didn’t make the label heart shaped I don’t know.  I’m pretty certain that if pink Prosecco was a real thing then they’d have made it pink, but it’s not,… Read More »

Eurovision Sparkle

It was the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend. For those of you outside Europe (or the Fererro Rocher serving neighbouring countries that join in) you missed a treat. It was a fabulous evening of craziness, wild frocks, LCD screens and cheesiness. We thought it the perfect time to crack open a bottle of Sekt Mild… Read More »