Blackfoot Daisy Merlot

This wine has a cheery label.  I love daisies, they’re so positive and don’t seem much to care whether the people who want to have a nice green lawn don’t want them there, they’ll pop up anyway and spread some joy.  This wine isn’t made from daisies, fairly obviously, although dandelion wine is a thing… Read More »

Monos Locos Merlot 2012

 This Monos Locos Chilean Merlot came as part of a mixed case, and I was challenged to “name that wine” as part of a blind tasting. It looked clear and a deep purple, with not much in the way of legs.  It smelled fresh and fruity, rather like a bowl of squashed berries, with just… Read More »

Patriot Merlot 2012

This wine has a silly label.  Not normally a good sign, it looks like it’s designed to appeal to people who don’t much care for wine but want something to serve at a 4th of July barbecue.  That said, they could be on to something, as that wouldn’t be a bad place for this wine… Read More »