Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial NV Champagne

Everyone has heard of Moet & Chandon, it’s like the Hoover (or maybe Dyson) of Champagnes, it’s a Champagne brand that has secretly spent years working its way into your brain, firing the celebration and luxury synapses as it goes.  You’ll have seen it carefully product-placed in films, sponsoring events, and being sprayed by glamorous,… Read More »

Champagne Pierre Darcys NV

Champagne isn’t my favourite wine, but I do like it. There are some occasions which really suit fizz. Christmas morning and New Year’s Eve, weddings, new jobs, that kind of thing. Very often a Cava, Prosecco or even Asti will do the trick really well, but Champagne does shout ‘celebration’ more than any other wine.… Read More »

Brazilian Champagne

The waiting is over, Brazil enter the World Cup today, and as the bookies seem pretty convinced they’ll be staying a while I’d love to recommend some Brazilian wines for you to enjoy as you watch. Surprisingly Brazil does make some pretty good wines made in the far south of the country. There’s a small… Read More »

I Heart Prosecco – Perfect for Prosecco Cocktails

If you wanted a Prosecco for Valentine’s Day then this one certainly looks the part.  The label features a heart, the name is Heart.  Quite why they didn’t make the label heart shaped I don’t know.  I’m pretty certain that if pink Prosecco was a real thing then they’d have made it pink, but it’s not,… Read More »