Corbello Cattarratto Inzolia Sicily IGT

By | March 14, 2017

I picked this wine up in Waitrose because the sun was shining, the birds were singing and it felt like spring had finally sprung.  I was looking forward to sitting outside in the evening, seeing the cherry blossom all around, watching the daffodils bloom and feeling at one with the world.  The label screamed relaxed spring evenings.  Sadly when five o’clock rolled around it was cold, raining and starting to get dark, but I had planned a nice, fresh Italian meal, and I was going to have it anyway.

Inzolia is the grape traditionally used for making Marsala, but as its popularity has waned growers have picked the grapes earlier and made them into a fresh white wine for early drinking.  Cattarratto is Sicily‘s most planted grape, if not its most celebrated.   Corbello however is Italian slang for bollocks, or bollock-brain, or for those of you for whom English is a second language, testicle.  A curious name for a wine, but it seems the baskets used locally to collect the grapes are also called Corbello.

The Corbello Cattarratto Inzolia Sicily IGT ’16 wine is pale and clear, and it smells faintly of apples and pears and their blossom.  It’s dry with a medium acidity.  The alcohol level is on the low side of medium.  Overall the mouthfeel is light, easy drinking and not too taxing.  The flavour is quite light too, with a little lemon joining the apples but not a great deal else creeping in.  The flavour doesn’t stay around long.

Putting aside the unfortunate name and the even more unfortunate weather, this wine wasn’t bad at all for the price.  At £6 a bottle it’s competing at a price point with Californian bulk wines like Blossom Hill and Echo Falls and it has more to offer than that.  It’s never going to be anyone’s favourite wine, but if you’re looking for something to stock for a summer party or keep on hand for a picnic emergency, it’s a good choice.  This is a good economy option with a handy screw top.  The 11.5% alcohol level is a nice summer level too, so if you do have that extra half glass you won’t feel terrible the next day.