Co-operative Grecula Greco 2014

By | September 22, 2015

Grecula Greco 2014I’m partial to a funky label.  I’m easily distracted by shiny things and bold print.  The nice people at The Co-operative have noticed this trend (I thought I hid it better than that) and sent me this bottle of Grecula Greco.  I love the 1950’s style label.  It could easily be for a pulp fiction novel or a terrible B movie that would never gain a cult following in years to come.

Whilst my mind went immediately to “this would be a perfect wine for a Halloween party”, my drinking partner in crime saw it and asked “ooo, is that a special bottle for the Greek elections, or Grexit pr something?”.  The perils of living with an economist – it came from the business school mwahaha.

We did settle on drinking it ahead of Halloween, but after the Greek elections.  It would have gone down perfectly with the England Rugby World Cup performances – the most recent horror shows watched at our house.

With so much love heaped on the label I did fear that the contents would be horrific – it came from a bag in a box mwahahah – but it was surprisingly good for the money (it’s £7 in co-op stores).

It’s dry with a medium alcohol level and a medium acidity.  There’s a good deal of fruit in there, mostly a peachy apricot taste that’s a little unripe, but not in an unpleasant way, more like that taste you get when you suck on a peach stone.  At this point I should acknowledge that no everyone sucks on peach stones, and that people shouldn’t do so, and I will not take responsibility for anyone accidentally swallowing a peach stone.  Just lick one, under adult supervision, you’ll get a flavour that’s slightly sweet peach, slightly bitter almond, and quite a bit like this wine.

I’ll look out for some more to drink on Halloween, and maybe to offer a glass to hardy parents, being dragged around the neighbourhood by small children on fancy dress begging for Candy on October 31.