Morrison’s Signature French Viognier

By | May 11, 2015

M ViognierThe label on this Morrison’s Signature French Viognier is decidedly cheery.  It does give me the impression that it’s Spanish, all that orange and yellow, but I think they were trying to signify fruit colours, or sunshine or some such as it is a French wine.  Maybe I’m just easily confused.  Adding wine doesn’t normally reduce confusion.

I picked up this Morrison’s Viognier cheaply, I think it came in at £5.50 so I wasn’t expecting a great deal from it.  It was destined to die in a risotto.  After opening it I gave it a quick sniff and here’s the thing it smelled rather nicer than I expected.  I poured a little glass.  That smell was peaches mostly.  I like peaches.

I gave it a taste.  It was dry and zippily acidic with something not unlike lime, though not entirely like it either.  The peaches flavour was still there, along with a sweeter fruitier apricot too.  I like apricots.  Peaches, apricots and limes with a side of honey is a good flavour combo for me.

This Morrison’s Viognier is not the finest wine the world has ever seen, but for a low cost wine it’s a great choice, and tastes better than I expected, always a mini-bonus.  At 12.5% it’s an easy wine to drink too.  One glass made it into the risotto, the rest bypassed the rice and went for the direct route, we drank it.