Cabeza de Toro Bobal 2013

By | May 16, 2015

Cabeza de Toro BobalI’m a sucker for a cool label and this Cabeza de Toro Bobal has an uber cool label.  Quite why you’d call a wine “Bull’s Head” I don’t know, but there’s plenty of pubs in England called The Bull’s Head and I don’t know why they are names that way either.  At least the pub in The Archers is just called The Bull.

Bobal isn’t a grape I’ve seen much of either.  It’s usually a blending grape, adding a bit of colour and tannin when needed.  In this wine it flies solo.

The wine isn’t as deep as I’d expected, it’s quite bright and ruby red.  There’s not much in the way of legs.  It smells fresh and fruity, no specific fruit, more of a Vimto mix of berries and grapes.  Unusually for wine it does smell a little of grapes.

It’s dry, really quite dry with tannin a plenty, mostly ripe but with some fairly firm tannin too.  I’m told this will help me live longer, so that’s nice.  It’s medium light in body and just 12% alcohol, there’s not a lot of “mouth feel” but it does slip down easy with a light and fruity flavour.

I tried chilling it a little, not so that it was cold, but just cool, and that worked really well.  It stood up nicely to a spicy bean chili, and I think it would be great with a barbecue, particularly if you brought it out of sitting in a bucket of water (not iced) on a sunny day.

I got this in a mixed case from Laithwaites at about £7 a bottle, although it’s also available through Virgin in the US.