Pedro’s Almacenista Selection Amontillado Sherry

By | February 24, 2015

Pedro's AmontilladoIt’s not Christmas, I’m drinking sherry and I don’t care.  It’s not even Fino or Manzanilla, it’s Amontillado.  I am not a grandmother, nor am I living happily at Downton Abbey.  I’m still drinking sherry and I’m proud of the fact.

This Amontillado is a little treat from Majestic.  The bottle is a delight, reminiscent of 1950’s glamour.  Sadly I’m not enjoying it with a little tapas in a square in Madrid, watching people going about their business on a warm and balmy evening.  I’m drinking it on a February evening, after work, with cold driving rain outside and we’ve just put the bins out.  There’s only so much glamour an Amontillado can add to such a night.

The wine itself is a wonderful caramel colour, it seems to glow from within in a warm and inviting way, although it is cold, I do like Amontillado cold.  It smells Christmassy, but not in a cloying heavy way, think nuts and dried fruits rather than full on Christmas cake.

It is dry, but with a nutty sweetness.  It’s almondy and hazelnutty with a sweetness that’s fresh rather than overwhelming.  It puts me in mind of panforte, the good stuff from Siena rather than the chocolate covered abominations from supermarkets.

I picked this up from Majestic.  The minimum order is six bottles but you can have it as part of a mixed case with wine, there’s no obligation to buy six bottles of sherry, which frankly, I think is a bit of a shame.