Atlantis Santorini

By | February 11, 2015

atlantis wineSantorini is a wonderful place.  It’s a beautiful island in the Greek Cyclades, well, more like the remains of an island really, it’s the edge of a volcano and most of it blew up.  There’s the nice notion that this led to the legend of Atlantis, and there’s a civilization under the sea there.  I’m guessing that’s not really true, but it does feel magical when you sit on the side of the hill looking out over the sea, or when you’re swimming in the warm sea water, heated by the volcano.

I was delighted to see this wine on the shelf at Marks and Spencer.  M&S do seem to have adopted a wide ranging stocking policy  from the wine producing nations of the world.  Greek wine doesn’t have the best reputation in the world, people remember the curious retsina of their youth, wine that tastes of resin isn’t a great memory for most people.

I had some fabulous wines in Santorini, but put that down to the fact that the surroundings were so beautiful that anything would taste good.  To come home and find that the wines from Santorini are actually good was an unexpected treat, but until recently I’d only seen them at specialist importers and The Real Greek restaurants.  It’s great to be able to pick one up at M&S.