Poggioargentiera Vermentino 2013

By | December 17, 2014

PoggioargentieraOnce again I was tempted by a label.  This is a delight of a label, taking typefaces to whole new levels.  I feel like if they sold wine in some sort of weird Wild West Saloon run by a madam from Paris this is the bottle you’d get.  Obviously I was hoping it wouldn’t taste like the sort of wine a person might drink in that particular set of circumstances, which I imagine would be quite unpleasant.

Luckily it looked clear and bright with a pale green and lemon colour.  It smelled fresh with peachy-pear scents.

It tastes dry.  It has a mineral acidity, nothing too overwhelming.  It has a medium body and the alcohol level is medium too.  So far so medium, no burlesque at this saloon.

It does taste good though, with the pear and peach element joined by a bit of lemon too.  There’s also something nutty, kind of almond, kind of hazelnut, followed up by yet more citrus.

I really enjoyed this wine from the south of Tuscany, so far south it’s almost on the way to Rome.  The list price of £9 is probably about fair, but buy it as part of a mix and match deal at Majestic to save 15%.