Lady Sauvignon Casablanca Valley 2014

By | December 2, 2014

Lady SauvignonI didn’t buy this wine because the woman on the front looks like the woman off Arrested Development.  It wouldn’t be a good reason to buy it, even though  I like wine and I quite like Arrested Development.

Odd though, how many Christmas presents do you think you’ll get this years that are based on weird mash ups of random things that you’ve said you like during the year?

This Sauvignon Blanc from Chile is a pale lemon-lime colour.  There’s just enough green to remind you that this is a fresh wine made this year.  It smells fresh too.  There’s a citrus zing as well as something sweeter.

It tastes dry, very dry with a crisp and refreshing acidity.  It’s at the lower end of medium bodied but with an alcohol level at the higher end of medium, which sits well with the acid.

The flavour of citrus dominates, with grapefruit strongest.  There’s a bit of a green taste, rather like leaves, but not in a bad way.  On top of that there’s some sweeter fruit, under ripe pineapple and a little bit of Fruit Salad sweets.

I enjoyed this wine as a bright and fruity midweek refresher.  I think it’s over priced at £10, but Majestic have it as part of a multi buy deal at the moment at £7.50 which is a fairer price.