Sam Plunkett The Butterfly Effect Shiraz 2012

By | October 4, 2014

IMG_1747_edited-1This wine looked at first to have a cheery butterfly covered label, then I got to thinking the butterflies all look pinned down, like those creepy butterfly collection boxes with the dead butterflies in, then when you look closely, the butterfly bodies are photos of humans, with the butterfly wings drawn on.  It’s super creepy, like a dark and distressing Doctor Who episode.

What kind of person would think it was a good idea to put creepy Doctor Who monsters on a wine label?  On the upside, I figured the kind of person who would do that would likely have spent a lot more time focused on making the wine taste nice than the label look nice, after all, if they fail at wine making then a career in design is hardly a realistic option for the future.

Suitably comforted I opened the Butterfly Effect Shiraz from Naked Wines and set it aside to relax a wine before pouring it through my wine aerating gizmo to give it the best chance of tasting nice.  It looked attractive, a cheery cherry red colour, perhaps less purple than I might have expected from a Shiraz.

It smelled of plummy fruit and some fresh red cherries, I don’t know how much I was influenced by the colour, but that’s how it smelled to me, along with a bit of an alcohol hit.

It tasted dry, with a medium  acidity, perhaps a little zippier than the fruit.  The tannins were soft, bordering on soggy.  It was medium bodies with an alcohol level that was on the high side of medium, not full on Aussie barn storming booze levels, but more alcohol than you might expect from a French Syrah.

The flavours of plums and cherries carried through with just a hint of pepper, again not the full on spice that some Shiraz bring to the glass, this wine leads far more with the fruit, which is nice, but perhaps not classically Shiraz.  There’s a little more flavour on the finish, something woodier, but not quite oaky, maybe the tannins just took a while to get to me.

At about £8, once you’ve factored in discounts, this is a perfectly good midweek wine, not a classic, not a treat, but still good.