Morum Rioja Crianza 2010

By | October 2, 2014

Morum RiojaAutumn is starting to roll in, it will be sad to say goodbye to the lovely summer England has enjoyed in 2014, but there’s plenty of upsides.   I can wrap up warm in a blankie to watch Scandinavian TV, and I’ve got all sorts of soup recipes ready to try out.  I’m also looking forward to a selection of autumnal wines.

I started easy with a Morum Rioja Crianza 2010 from Naked Wines.  It’s young, like the season, so I thought it would work.

It was a cheery grape juice purple with reasonable legs.  It smelled of fresh squeezed berries, oddly, although there’s blackberries on the label that’s not really the dominant one, it smells redder, if redness is a smell, which I guess with berries it can be.  There’s a hint of vanilla too, which reminds me, I can start shopping for scented candles now too.

It tastes good.  It’s dry with soft tannins.  It tastes like blackberry crumble and fog.  OK, so I may be over-romanticising autumn into the wine.  It does taste like blackberries and strawberries and some sweet vanilla.  It’s just medium bodied, with an alcohol level that’s a little bit higher.  It has a slight pepperiness which comes through after the fruit.

At about £7 this was great value.  I’ll be looking out for the Reserva and Grand Reserva in the range.