Lidl Chateau Venus Graves

By | September 30, 2014

Chateau Venus GravesMy adventures in European style discounter shopping continue.  Lidl has one big advantage so far, they sell salted pistachios in their shells by the scoop rather than in little mini packs, this makes them far more affordable, if not less scoffable. Surely they’re healthier than chocolate and you do have to put a little bit of work in to eat each one.

The cheese is great too, so I thought I’d venture into the wine aisle.  It’s nicely laid out, with the wines displayed in bins and with style advice and a points system for the nicer looking wines.  There are a few rather grim looking wines at the bargain bucket end, but quite a selection of tempting wines available too.  I thought I’d try a couple, but was drawn in by a “Buy four get £4 off and a wine carrier” deal.  As I’d only got a flimsy carrier bag on me, I thought I’d save myself the extra 10p for a carrier bag, making the wine carrier deal unmissable.

This Lidl Chateau Venus Graves ’11 was one of those four.  It looks good, a bright purple colour, with a fresh purple smell too.  There’s lots of plummy, damsony fruitiness.  This still smells like it’s fresh off the truck even though it’s three years old.  There’s a little bit of meatiness too, more Bovril than game, but in a good way.

It’s dry with an acidity at the upper end of medium, and plenty of ripe tannins, which work well with the Bovril.  It’s medium bodied, perhaps a little lighter than I would have expected with the alcohol level again medium.

This isn’t a fancy wine, but it’s a good, affordable midweek choice at about £8-9 depending on your deal.  There’s certainly better Graves out their with more tertiary flavours, but at this price this is a great one, particularly if you come down on the merlot side of the merlot – cabernet savignon Bordeaux see-saw.

I’ll pick up a couple more then put them aside for a year and see if they get better.


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  1. Dave Cronin

    Hi Erin,

    Just visited Lidl’s as well bought same offer including the Venus (not tried it yet) the Gales Graves 2011, Marjosse 2012, Vaqueyras Serabel Rhone blend 2012 & Mauras Sauternes 2010 pretty good value for money.
    Enjoying your reviews

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