Blossom Hill Winemaker’s Reserve Merlot

By | September 7, 2014

Blossom HillI was given this bottle of Blossom Hill Winemaker’s Reserve Merlot.  It would be remiss of me not to tell you that, as this isn’t a bottle I spent my own hard earned money on.

Don’t worry, I don’t have to de-friend anyone, I wasn’t given it as a gift, no-one brought it to the house, and it wasn’t left over from a party.  No, a corporation sent it to me as part of a review package.  If I’m ever sent wines to review, free of charge, I let readers know, just in case they think I might be biased by free wine.  Oddly in this case it wasn’t the wine company, or their PR pals who sent me this wine.  It was Vanish, the laundry detergent booster and stain removing product people.

Yes, I was sent this wine, along with a small piece of cloth and a big tub of Vanish Oxi-Clean, along with the additional props of a pipette and a tiny kitchen timer so that I could spill the wine on the cloth, then put my super Vanish product on it and time just how quickly Vanish would get wine stains out of clothes.

Exactly how insulting is that to a wine brand?  “We want to send free samples of your wine to people, no, no, not to drink, that would be cruel.  We want them to spill it and then clean it up”.  I can only imagine Vanish bought a job lot of Blossom Hill on the open market rather than striking a deal with the manufacturer, it can’t be good for your brand to be seen as a stain rather than a product fit for human consumption.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t treat it to a full tasting, or give it the benefit of the wine gizmo to give it a better chance of tasting acceptable.  It tasted of having been cast aside from the wine world and into the household product category, of desperation and disappointment.  I took a quick swig and then threw it in the slow cooker with some onions, olives, tomatoes and squid.  Still, it did taste good after eight hours soaking in the squid rings.

The Vanish stuff worked pretty well though, although the wine was rather thin and weedy so it wasn’t much of a challenge.  I’ll let you know next time I spill something deep and dark.