Aldi Exquisite Collection Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie

By | July 20, 2014

Aldi MuscadetMy adventures in Aldi shopping have expanded.  I even tried doing a weekly grocery shop there.  It was almost successful.  We had some interesting meals, but no cockle pasta, which was a bit of a shame.  I’ll still have to stop by another shop for cockles and for detergents that I’m not allergic to, but I’m used to working around that.

We did save some money over regular supermarket shopping, but blew it on bottled cherries (oh how I love bottled cherries), a range of interesting looking European cheeses and a bottle of Aldi Exquisite Collection Muscadet ’13.  I’ve since discovered cold sour cherry soup, yet another reason to love bottled cherries.

I didn’t expect much from the Aldi Muscadet, it was only £6, but previous “Exquisite Collection” purchases have, by and large, been good value at their price pints, so I did have some sneaky hopes.  I have largely happy memories of cycling along the Loire and stopping for wine along the way, so I have a soft spot for the cooler climate wines from the region.

The hopes won out.  This Muscadet was bright as a button, fresh smelling, fresh tasting, with oodles of acid, not in a mean way, it was crisp and refreshing.  There was lots of lemon, and that made it a real treat with a bit of roasted trout.

Not all of my Aldi wine adventures have been successful, and some of my experiments with other discount supermarket wines have been downright depressing and sent me searching for recipes to use up excess wine, but the Exquisite Collection is currently running at about a 4 : 1 good : disappointing average, which is gives me confidence to try more.