Benjamin Darnault Pique Nique Rose 2013

By | July 19, 2014

Pique-Nique RoseIt’s been sunny in England.  Not just sunny for England, but properly sunny, with temperatures up in to the 80’s.  This has had predictable consequences.  People who should know better have been outside in ill-fitting PE kit without applying sunscreen.  There’s acres of pink and sore flesh out there.

Strangely, this sort of vision puts me in the mood for rose.  I do love a pink wine, and in shorts weather I can convince other people that a glass of rose is a great idea.

We had this Benjamin Darnault Pique Nique Rose 2012 from Naked Wines whilst sitting out in the garden.  It was a pale, orangey pink, the type that the nice ladies on make up counters might call apricot, and their sisters in interior decorating could declare to be salmon.

It smells fruity, rather like strawberries and cream, and quite intense at first.  It’s fresh and lively.  There’s a sweetness, but not nasty-pink-plonk style, more from the fruit.  It’s light in body with a medium level of alcohol.

That flavour of strawberries carries through, but with enough acid to make it refreshing.  It does need to be cold to get the best from it, even just out of the fridge it can be a bit cloying.  Chuck it in a bucket of ice water, it’ll improve the flavour and your experience, it’s always nice to hear the sound of a bottle of wine being sloshed into icy water.

If you do plan on taking your bottle on a picnic, do wrap it in an ice sleeve before you leave the house.  Your picnic will be much better for your planning.