Devevey Rully Blanc 2010

By | April 10, 2014

It’s warming up a bit.  It’s starting to feel decidedly spring-like.  The sun is shining in between the rain showers and there’s blossom on the trees.  It’s time to try some wines for spring evenings.

Devevey Rully

This bottle of Rully from Jean-Yves Devevey came from Berry Bros & Rudd.  The wine is a bright, clear, pale lemon colour.  It smells fresh and clean.  There’s a little bit of fruit blossom in there, apple and pear blossom, although that could be a reflection of my excitement that there’s blossom on my apple and pear trees.  If I’d been looking out of a different window at the cherry or apricot blossom I wonder if it would have smelled differently?

It’s dry, with a medium acidity.  The flavour of blossom turns into apple fruit – crisp, bright and refreshing.  It feels pleasantly big in the mouth, with lots of apple fruit and just a little bit of something that isn’t quite hazelnut, but is maybe an apple doing an impersonation of one.  The alcohol level fits squarely into the medium category at 13%, but all that fruit does push the body up a little.

The flavour lasts well, particularly with the lead through from blossom to fruit to nuts.

This Rully wasn’t an economy bottle, but it didn’t break the bank either.  It’s a very French Chardonnay.  I though it was good value, and I’ll look out for it again.