The Waxed Bat Shiraz Cabernet Malbec 2012

By | March 2, 2014

Waxed Bat WineI like bats, conceptually.  I like to see them flying around outside on warm summer evenings whilst I drink rose and listen to the local wildlife.  Unfortunately when a bat came out of the roof space and flew around the room I realised I don’t like them very much.  They may be small and harmless to humans in Europe but they’re absolutely terrifying up close and personal.  Imagine if one got caught up in your hair.  It’s enough to make a person shave their head.

So with that recent memory in mind (shudder) a wine called Waxed Bat wouldn’t have been my first choice if I’d known it was referring to the bats in wine cellars rather than a shiny baseball bat.

The label isn’t too terrifying, it’s almost literary and would make a great choice of a wine to take along to a Halloween party.  The Waxed Bat Shiraz Cabernet Malbec from Laithwaites is an inviting purple, like the velvet lining a vampire’s coffin – mwahaha.

It smells of blackcurrants and plums with a little bit of old ladies in a library, which I guess is violets and wood, but slightly hidden behind the blackcurrantyness.

Waxed Bat is dry with a medium acidity, quite a high level of tannins, with a firm feel.  It’s full bodied with lots of chunks of tannin fighting it out with a high level of alcohol.  This isn’t a wine that would have run away when confronted with a bat, it would have stood its ground and no doubt stood on the bat.  It’s a big bruiser of a wine, and one that would stand up to barbecues without flinching.  It may not be refined, but it packs a punch.