Nicolas Feuillatte Brut NV

By | February 24, 2014

Nicolas FeuillatteNicolas Feuillatte is probably my favourite Champagne brand.  It’s not my favourite Champagne, and Champagne isn’t my favourite wine.  Champagne isn’t even my favourite white wine, and has to compete hard to be my favourite sparkling wine, but that said, Nicolas Feuillatte is my favourite wine brand.

Why?  Why have a favourite brand if you’re not a huge fan of the wine and the market for it?  Well, people tend to have opinions on Champagne.  People who don’t drink wine from one month to the next will often buy a bottle for Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations.

They’ll often ask my advice, as they know I’m partial to a glass of wine or two, OK, three, and I’ll ask about their wine preferences, find out they don’t much like it, and suggest that they buy chocolate instead, or maybe flowers.  If pushed I’ll suggest adding Cava or Prosecco, but no, people want Champagne recommendations, and they want the Champagne to be cheap, but good.

Very few Champagnes manage to be good, and those that do miss out on being cheap, yet Nicholas Feuilatte does the best job of consistently balancing good and reasonably cheap at a steady price point with mass market availability.  It’s a best seller in France, as I tell happy shoppers, it’s easy to say, but still sounds French, and it’s not a supermarket own brand.  It’s a real Champagne.  You’ll see it in all sorts of fake “half price” offers around Champagne buying holidays, but I find Majestic tends to sell it at a fairly consistent price, even if it is in a curious multi-buy combo.

It tastes good too – bright, fresh and toasty, with a reassuringly fine mousse.