Carlos Rodriguez Trigales NV Angel’s Share

By | February 12, 2014

TrigalesThis wine isn’t a Rioja, it makes quite a big deal about that in its marketing.  The notion is that it sneakily is a Rioja, but maybe just outside the denominations boundaries.  It isn’t aged like a Rioja either as it comes with a non-vintage label so it’s not clear when the grapes were harvested.  That usually means a mix of wines from different years to get a blend ready for market.

I didn’t hold out a lot of hope based on that, but gave it the best possible shot, getting it to the right temperature and leaving it to breathe for a while, even popping it through my aeration gizmoto give it every chance to be nice.

Carlos Rodriguez Trigales from Naked Wines is a fresh, bright looking red.  It smells young and enthusiastic with blackberry leading the charge with maybe some red fruit.  There’s just the slightest hint of oak vanilla, but this is where it veers from a Rioja expectation.  It hasn’t spent long in oak, so think of it more as a tempranillo varietal.

That said it tastes good.  It’s dry, with acidity at the medium level, the tannins are fruit ones and there’s some firm, but not quite green in there. It’s medium bodied with a medium level of alcohol.  So far, so medium.

This wine is a good alternative to Rioja, or maybe an entry level version.  It reminded me of the fresh and fruity pop-like wines I drank out of tumblers in Navarra, Rioja and Castille y Leon.  it’s wine fresh off the boat with no real pretensions to be anything else.

I likely won’t order more of this wine, but I’ll work up the range a little.  Carlos Rodriguez has done enough with this to make me want to see what he can do with a little more time and money.