Stamford Brook Chardonnay 2012

By | January 9, 2014

Stamford Brook ChardonnayOver the holidays we tried quite a few wines that aren’t in our normal rotation.  People brought them to us, we had them in restaurants, and we drank them in homes we visited.  Quite a bit of what was drunk whilst visiting had been brought by other people.  Christmas and New Year see wines travelling around the country before someone finally polishes them off.

Stamford Brook Chardonnay looked fit and healthy, a rich lemon colour, with some legs.  It smelled a little of melon, or more specifically, like a wine that smells of melon rather than the fresh juicy thing.  It was just dry with just enough acidity, with a hint of lemon.  It was fairly light bodied and fairly light in flavour intensity.  The alcohol level was just above medium.

It tasted a bit melony, but not much, mostly of wine, generic, non specific, stateless wine designed by committee.  There was something of Goldilocks’ evil twin about it – it was “not too” anything, but that didn’t result in perfection, just apathy.  It was the ultimate in middle of the road wines.  If I was looking for something inoffensive, cheap and available in bulk for some reason, then this would likely fit the bill.

Stamford Brook Chardonnay started life in South Eastern Australia, but I tracked it down as having spent some time at Sainsbury’s before ending up in my glass.  It’s one of those oddities, a supermarket wine that has a fake price for half of the year so that it can be sold on a “half price” super deal every now and then.  I suspect this bottle was bought at the half price point rather than the fake double price.  I’d be very sad on behalf of the mystery buyer if it wasn’t.