Antoine de Clevecy NV Champagne

By | January 1, 2014

Antoine ClevecySo it’s a New Year and people tend to buy fizzy wine for New Year.  I’m not a huge fan of Champagne, I tend to find it’s over-priced and if I’m going to spend good money on a bottle of wine I know I can get better value elsewhere, but at this time of year supermarkets go bonkers looking to outdo each other with cheap Champagne deals, hoping that people will drive across town to their store and fill their trolleys with higher margin products whilst they are there.

This Antoine de Clevecy was from Sainsbury’s.  It was advertised as a half price deal, although I can’t imagine anyone ever paid what they claim is the full price for it.  This is a brand that exists solely to be discounted for special events.  That doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad or dodgy in any way.  Any Champagne sold in the EU really does have to be Champagne made in the Champagne region of France, from grapes grown there, and has to be produced according to traditional rules.

Antoine de Clevency Champagne opened with the reassuring “pop” of Champagne.  It was a pale lemon colour with a steady stream of fine bubbles and a soft mousse.  It smelled a little of lemon and apples.  It was dry with a crisp acidity, and the apple-lemon flavour.  That was it really.  It did the job of being bubbly and fun, perfect for a celebration, but it wasn’t a wine to savour.  I tried Aldi’s Champagne last week and it was rather similar, again, not a product I’d drive across town for, but priced to sell.

Antoine de Clevency Champagne is best served at celebrations when people want some fizz, and would like it to be Champagne to make it an event, but aren’t too fussy about the flavour. It’s ideal for Bucks Fizz, Kir Royale and Belinnis too.

If I’m buying Champagne for celebrations I usually choose Nicolas Feuillatte, which is often sold at a “discount” in supermarkets near Christmas and Valentines but is usually reliably priced at Majestic year round.  It’s only a couple of quid more than the supermarket specials but it tastes more like a more highly priced fizz.