Tbilvino Qvevris 2011 Marks & Spencer

By | December 22, 2013

Tbilvino QvevrisI’ve always thought of Marks & Spencer‘s wines as being rather dull and unimaginative choices, so whilst I was in picking up some lunch I was intrigued by a collection of oddities sitting on a river end gathering dust.

This Tbilvino Qvevris may be impossible for me to say, but it looked interesting.  Georgia is probably the home of wine making, so to try a wine from Georgia made in an old fashioned style in clay amphora seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

The wine was a fabulous colour, positively golden, rather like the colour of the label, and really intense, I’ve seen Pinot Noirs that were more transparent than this white wine.  It smelled sort of old fashioned, with a sherry-like oxidation, and something not unlike Champagne, I guess I’d call it quince, but I’ve only ever eaten a quince once.

It tasted different, but good different.  There was dry sherry and baked apple and a bit of peach stone with a bit of almond and honey.  I guess the honey could come from the beeswax that the amphora it ages in are coated with, or from the grapes, either way, it’s good.  There’s something herbal too, a slight bitterness, which did rather send me into thinking that this could be a wine that tasted a little like the wine people would have drunk in Biblical times, although I imagine this is a more hygienic blend.

For such an interesting wine it was really reasonably priced.  I went back for more but they had sold out so I bought some mince pies instead.  I’d rather have had the Georgian wine.