Le Petit Train Syrah 2012

By | December 27, 2013

Le Petit Train SyrahThis wine has a cute label, but it did cause a small row about translations.  It’s French and there’s a picture of a little train, but the debate was that the name should be either “The Little Train” or “Le Petit Chemin de Fer”.  It turns out the French would indeed call the little train “Le Petit Train” and our French teachers at school were compulsive liars.

Le Petit Train Syrah is so called because the winemaker bought a disused train station to convert into her winery.  She had some bad luck and vandals trashed her wines, pouring them all away.  I do hope it was mindless vandals rather than mean-spirited competitors.  Either way she needed to put out a parcel of fresh wine as soon as it was ready to pay the bills, and Naked Wines bought it with a payment from their Wine Angels scheme.

As a result Le Petit Train is something of a little wine, it’s young and fresh, positively light bodied for a Syrah, more fruity than spicy and with absolutely no complexity whatsoever.  That would be a complaint for an older Syrah, or one that claimed greater seriousness, but Le Petit Train makes no such claims, it’s upfront about it’s light, fresh, easy drinking style, making it an ideal wine for people who don’t often drink wine, or find that reds are too heavy.

Le Petit Train isn’t my favourite, but it’s a good choice for an easy, gluggable, clubbable wine.