Devil’s Peak Limited Edition Chenin Blanc 2011

By | December 11, 2013

Devil's Peak Chenin BlancThe Devil’s Peak is a big hunk of rock in Cape Town, South Africa, and whilst I’m not a big RSA wine consumer, what better week to be drinking South African wine in celebration of the complex life of Nelson Mandela.

The bottle this Devil’s Peak Limited Edition Chenin Blanc from Virgin Wines comes in is sturdy and gives an impression that the wine inside won’t be weedy.  Recently I’ve noticed some wine bottles have a  really weak look about them, almost like they’re too delicate to travel, or they’re the reject bottles with the seams from moulding not only showing, but rough in my hand.  Whining over, back to the wine.

It smells of apples and pears, really quite noticeably so.  It’s off-dry with a medium acidity and body.  The apple and pear flavour continues with a little bit of honey added in, not a cloying amount, but it does add to the sweetness.  There’s a little bit of minerality in there too, I guess that rock has an effect.

As South African Chenin Blancs go, this was good.  It had an interesting flavour and a reasonable body, so it escaped the fate of being used up in cooking over the weekend, and will be drunk instead.  What more could a wine want?

The winemaker is called Werner Engelbrecht, but in my head that turns instantly into Englebert Humperdink, Leicester superstar, this amuses me.