Asda Extra Special Falanghina 2012

By | December 2, 2013

Asda FalanghinaI can’t drink Falanghina without declaring that I am Regina Phalange, Phoebe Buffay’s alter-ego from Friends.  Once that’s over with I can get on with drinking the wine.

Asda Extra Special Falanghina is a pale lemon colour, and it smells rather nice.  There’s just a little bit of orange and peach blossom on a background of summer fruit salad.

It’s dry, with a medium acidity and quite a pronounced flavour, it’s no shrinking violet.  Medium bodied with a medium alcohol level, the focus is on flavour and for an affordable supermarket wine, there’s quite a lot of flavour.  The blossom doesn’t carry through, instead there’s fresh fruit, with a peaches and apricots taking a lead.

There’s just the slightest hint of orange peel, just enough to let you know you’re drinking Falanghina, but little enough to remind you that you didn’t pay much for the bottle.  The flavour hangs around for a while, but you’l want a second sip before it dies.

This Asda Extra Special Falanghina 2012 seemed very reasonably priced at about £7, I’d certainly try it again, if I was in Asda, but realistically I am unlikely to be in Asda all that often, as I find their stores to be horribly designed with garish colours, naff music, terrible lighting and a bizarre stocking policy.

It certainly put me in the mood for more southern Italian wines in general and more Falanghinas specifically.

Just in case you were baffled by Regina Phalange – here she is …