Aldi Champagne – Veuve Monsigny Brut by Philizot

By | December 20, 2013

I’ve been trying a few Aldi wines recently, and I’ve liked many of them, but not all.  They have an interesting selection and I’ve found most of their Exquisite Collection to be good, really good when you factor in the price point.

Aldi are currently selling their Veuve Monsigny Champagne at £9.99 a bottle.  They cannot be making a profit on the Champagne at that price, it’s simply not possible, so the pricing is designed to get shoppers into the stores to try out other products, and with a view to tempting people back to shop more regularly at Aldi.

The bottle looks good.  It leads with Veuve Monsigny and the largest type is for the word “Champagne” so people will only know it’s from Aldi if they look closely.  The wine looks good.  It’s a pale lemon colour with plenty of small bubbles making an attractive mousse as it pours.  Those bubbles are persistent.

It smells bright and fresh, with an apple kind of theme.  It has a crisp acidity and the bubbles feel smooth in the mouth rather than large and pop like which can happen with cheap fizz.  The apple-lemon thing carries on, but there’s not much in the way of biscuit, toast or brioche.  It’s a bit one dimensional, but how many dimensions do you want for a tenner? It’s not the TARDIS.

I wouldn’t buy Aldi Champagne to serve on its own, there’s much better Champagne out there, and absurdly, you can get pretty good Champagne for £15, as well as great Cava and Prosecco if you’re looking for sparkling wine that tastes great at a reasonable price.

That said I have bought some for Bucks Fizz, Bellini and Kir Royale making on Christmas morning, and some more for people who are already away with the fairies to hurl down at midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Far too much good Champagne is wasted on those tasks, where Aldi Champagne is the ideal choice to give people the fun of Champagne drinking, without feeling that you’ve wasted good money on something that isn’t going to be loved.