The Holdings Syrah Malbec 2012

By | November 20, 2013

Holdings Syrah-malbecSo today it’s cold, and the rain turned a little icy, and there was lots of than rain.  It seems there’s no putting it off any longer.  Winter is coming.  There are upsides to winter.  Cold weather always makes me want to drink big warming wines (and eat big warming dinners).

Malbec is usually a good warmer, as it Syrah, so an Argentinian Syrah-Malbec blend seemed like a good idea when I pulled it out of a Laithwaite’s case.  The Holdings Syrah Malbec was a dense purple colour, dark and whilst not opaque, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to spill it on the tablecloth.

It smelled a little more delicate than the colour suggested.  There was some blackcurrant and a slightly smoky element.  It was dry with plenty of flavour.  The blackcurrant was a bit more squashed black and red fruit mix, and the smokiness turned a bit chocolatey, but not completely so, maybe a chocolate cigar.  The flavour held well, and although I’m normally all in favour of wines that stay at 13% alcohol or less, I felt this one could maybe have done with a bit more, something wasn’t quite in balance.

I had a look at the notes that came with it and they suggest drinking between now and 2015.  I think I’ll put the other bottle I have away with a note-to-self not to open it for another year.  I think it will benefit from a lie down in a quiet room for a while.  Wouldn’t we all?

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