Franck Massard Herbis Verdejo 2012

By | November 18, 2013

herbisI got this Herbis in a mixed case from Naked Wines, and I’ll admit, with the name Herbis I thought it would taste of herbs.  That’s the tricky thing with preconceived ideas.

The wine is clear, bright and very pale.  It doesn’t smell of herbs.  It does smell of fruit, tropical juicy fruit.  There’s an oakiness too.

It doesn’t taste of herbs either, but by that stage I was ready for anything, so didn’t panic.  It’s dry with a crisp acidity, and more sweet fruit, but with a bit more of a citrus zing, not quite lime, not quite grapefruit.  There’s something a bit odd in there too, not nasty odd, just odd.  It’s a little aniseedy.  Not full on licorice, more star anise or a touch of fennel.

I liked this wine, but it did confuse me a little, with the tropical fruit smell, the citrus taste and the aniseed second layer of flavour.  I’d like them all to flow together a little more smoothly.

Perhaps if I give it six months sitting in a dark cupboard it will pull itself together and start behaving better.  I do hope so, as I think it has promise.