Dominic Hentall Primitivo IGT Puglia 2012

By | November 2, 2013

PrimitivoI’m a Zinfandel fan, but I live in Europe, so I’m a Primitivo fan.  I like to think that a little Italian set off across the Atlantic with a little sack of Primitivo vines that he carefully tended on the voyage, before planting them in California.  When I drink Primitivo I’m drinking Zinfandel’s Italian great grandparents.

This Dominic Hentall Primitivo is an old vines version, and it’s a bit different.  I’ve had a couple of bottles now, and I’ve learned that this is a wine that needs a bit of an airing, it’s best decanted and left in the warm for an hour or two to get the flavour up and running.

It’s fruity, with some blackberry, hedgerow kind of flavors and something else, not quite chocolate, not quite smoke, not quite violet, but rather like somebody gave me a glass of wine from Langhe and I drank it, but didn’t rinse it out before someone poured a Primitivo in.  That’s a good thing, not a bad thing, there was something really quite interesting lurking in there, but hiding a bit.

I think this wine could be a little better in a year or two.  It could be worse, but I think there’s something developing that’s worth running the risk.

Expect to pay about £10 from Naked Wines, or look out for Naked Wine Offers.