ASDA Extra Special Primitivo 2010

By | November 24, 2013

Asda PrimitivoI’m not an ASDA shopper by habit.  It’s an odd supermarket and the combination of weird Radio ASDA playing bad covers of Christmas music and exhorting me to buy, the giant primary colour sign-age with rounded pricing and the odd stocking policies tend to result in bizarre panic buys and very little of what’s actually on the list being purchased.

It was just such an experience that led to me buying ASDA Extra Special Primitivo for a fiver.  It was on a river-end.  I do like primitivo and zinfandel, I couldn’t find any falafel, they didn’t have squid, and so I left with some wine and baked beans.  This was not an auspicious start for the bottle.  Nobody expects wine to be Extra Special at a fiver a bottle, and I unscrewed the cap with low expectations.

The wine looked good, it was a racy morello cherry red, and it smelled of sweet red fruits, morello cherries (that could have been my eyes talking), damsons and vanilla.

It tasted clean, fresh and dry, the fruit was sweet and the vanilla had gone a bit spicy.  The tannins were marshmallow soft, and the acid was gently resting in the background.  At 14% the alcohol was just the high side of medium, but not overwhelming.

That smooth, soft, sweet fruit did make it rather easy to drink.  There’s no lingering tertiary flavours, this is all about fruit and oak.  I was surprised by how good this was for the money.  I’ve paid 50% more for similar wines.