Whistling Duck Chardonnay Viognier

By | October 27, 2013

I have no idea why this wine is called Whistling Duck, I didn’t even know if ducks could whistle.  I suspect whistling requires more lip and tongue dexterity than a beak could provide, but I’m just guessing, it seems there’s a type of southern hemisphere duck that makes a whistling noise.

I think it’s called Whistling Duck to remind buyers that although most of Australia is a big desert New South Wales does have rain, so is a better home for ducks.  It may not have Welsh levels of rain, but it does have some, and it’s cooler than much of the country, so better for aromatic whites.

This Chardonnay Viognier blend is quite aromatic, for an Australian wine.  It smells of fruit salad, with melon, papaya and peach.  It’s off dry, with just enough acid to hold it all together.  It’s a smidge higher in alcohol than I might expect from an equivalent French wine, but I’m not holding that against it.

It tastes good, and decidedly more-ish as the fruit continues, with the sort of juicy mouth feel you might have expected from an Opal Fruit back when they were made to make your mouth water.

At £8 a bottle this is reasonably priced, but look out for it in mixed cases and special offers from Virgin Wines to get a good deal.