The Comeback Kid McLaren Vale Shiraz Cabernet Merlot

By | October 31, 2013

I’m a fan of cowboy films.  My Granddad was a complete Western fiend and would read cowboy adventure stories and watch Westerns whenever he got the chance, I’ve inherited a bit of that.  I even enjoyed Cowboys vs Aliens far more than anyone has a right to, so I was rather taken by the label of this wine.

Comeback Kid

I know, I know I constantly say I won’t judge a wine by its label, or a book by its cover, but I will buy them on that criteria.  I therefore had quite low expectation of what the wine inside would actually be like.

It comes in a screw cap bottle, and the wine is a fresh purple colour with legs so thick they might be wearing chaps.  The wine has quite an aroma, there’s plenty of plumminess, but there’s also something unexpected, a sort of chocolate too.

It’s dry with soft ripe tannins and some that were more oak than grape in feel.  It’s full bodied with a hefty thwack of alcohol.  At 14.5% it’s not a wine to mess with.  That plum character comes through and the chocolate blends with a bit of coffee too.  There were more tertiary flavours than I would have predicted.

Listed at £10, but probably closer to £8 if you use some of Virgin Wine’s Offers
, I thought this was good value, a John Wayne of the wine world.  It wasn’t subtle, and it threw all its oaky alcohol straight at me, but it had a certain charm.