Lindeman’s Private Selection Chardonnay 2012 Vintage

By | September 29, 2013

Lindeman's Chardonnay We had this Chardonnay both in and with a seafood risotto.  In the risotto it was great, adding a touch of sweetness.  Out of the risotto it was different.

I don’t drink a lot of Australian Chardonnay these days.  I rather overdid it a decade or two ago, and haven’t found my way back, but this bottle was in the fridge on risotto night so we hedged our bets.

It was pale and interesting, and smelled of chardonnay, which was encouraging.  It was a good deal sweeter than I expected.  That’s not to say it was a sweet wine, but very much at the off end of off dry.  It was medium bodied with a medium level of alcohol.

It tasted as I expected with pineapple and melon, but at a sweet shop sort of level rather than a greengrocers stand.  It put me in mind of those little pineapple cube sweets which may or may not still exist.  That’s not a bad thing.  I really liked those sweets.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this wine from Tesco, but I would not reject it if it arrived as a gift.