La Casetta Domini Veniti Valpolicello Classico Ripasso 2010

By | July 14, 2013

I like Italian wines, and I’m not afraid to admit it.  I love Valpolicello’s fruity exuberance, and the Ripasso is theoretically it’s more mature, grown up sibling.  Re-fermented on leftover grape skins and goo the alcohol content goes up, and there’s just a little bit more, well, everything.

La Casetta Domini Veniti Valpolicello Classico Ripasso 2010 is a rich dark red, bordering on purple.

It has strong legs and a wonderful smell, like cherry pop served next to a cinnamon bun.  Fortunately the flavour is a little different.  Its dry, with firm tannins.  The alcohol level is up there at 14% but it sits nicely in the wine and doesn’t feel overpowering, it just adds to the body.

The fresh cherries from the aroma turn in to a more dried version in the mouth, with a raisin-like taste.  The spice is still there, along with an aged wood flavour.
This wine was from Majestic with a standard buy two, save £2 per bottle type deal, and I thought it was fairly priced.