CVNE Rioja Rosado 2011

By | June 9, 2013

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray, the sun has got his hat on and it’s pink wine all the way.

OK so I don’t always wait for the sun to get dressed up before opening a bottle of pink, but once the hat has been deployed, I have an extra excuse.  Spanish pinks from Rioja have the advantage of added man-appeal.  There’s nothing girlie about a rosado, men come into bars in Northern Spain and order a small rosado with a little tapas in much the same way as a bloke would order a shandy and a bag of crisps.

This CVNE Rioja Rosado from Majestic is best served very cod to make the most of it.  This also gives you the advantage of condensation on the glass making the rich pink colouring look extra lovely.  It has a crisp acidity and a sensible alcohol level, and it’s dry – none of your white zinfandel strawberry soda nonsense here.  The flavour is more redcurrants and raspberries.  There’s a tiny bit of strawberry jelly, but not an overwhelming amount.

We had it with grilled tuna and a scrummy quinoa tabbouleh, and it worked well, even if it was too cold to eat outside, even with blankets.

Expect to pay around £7-8 a bottle, expect to see me buying more.  I may not own a pink accessory or item of clothing, but I like to make up for the deficit with pink wine.