Zinification Shiraz Zinfandel 2011

By | April 21, 2013

I have a confession to make, I love Zinfandel.  Sadly if you say that in England people may think you mean White Zinfandel, the wine of choice for people who don’t much care for wine, but will drink it if it tastes more like a still strawberry alco-pop.

Red Zinfandel can be heavenly, but it grows in California.  Whilst I may pray for rain in California so the grapes can grow and they can make more wine it won’t do me much good.  By the time wine has been made and shipped across the USA and then across the Atlantic, and then had import duties, excise duties and taxes added, even the most mundane Zinfandel can be prohibitively expensive.

This Zinification Shiraz Zinfandel from Virgin Wines has a fun label.  That’s rarely a good sign, and had me fearing that it may be aiming for the White Zinfandel crowd.

It’s a rich dark red, and it smells, well, like Shiraz really.  It’s a bit more blackberries than raspberries, and the spice is perhaps deeper than the light black pepper tang I’d hoped for.  If there was a Venn diagram of pure Shiraz and pure Zinfandel I guess this would just about pass for a warm climate over extracted Zinfandel of rich black pepper and super ripe blackberries and blackcurrants, but I suspect that’s all coming from the Shiraz, there doesn’t seem to be much of the lighter, fun raspberry fruitiness of a scrumdiddlyumptious cooler weather, lower yield, lovingly crafted Zinfandel, but hey, I paid less than a tenner for the bottle, it came with a fun label, and it tasted pretty good.  It is perhaps my fault that I had excessively high hopes for the bottle, not the wine’s fault for not being something entirely different.

I’ll try and keep my Zinfandel cravings in check til I’m next in the USA, I’ll only be disappointed or bankrupted otherwise.