Domaine Gau 2011 Shiraz Viognier

By | April 2, 2013

Weirdly, this Languedoc wine calls its Syrah “Shiraz”.  I suspect that is to appeal to drinkers more used to buying new world varietals.  I also suspect that that is a profitable strategy.  People know what Shiraz Viognier is, and that makes it easier to buy than a Languedoc or D’Oc labelled wine.

This Domaine Gau 2011 Shiraz Viognier from Laithwaites was pretty good, and didn’t have to travel half way around the world, so a smidge more cash could be spent on the grapes in the bottle rather than their bus fare to England.

At 13% alcohol it wasn’t as bold as a similar example from Australia might be, but it tasted good.  There was a dark fruity pepperiness balanced by what felt like a squeeze of stone fruit sweetness.

It hasn’t made it onto a must-drink list, but I’d drink it again, with a smile, and would be a good choice for outdoor summer dining. £8.50 seems only a little steep £7.50 would be spot on.

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  1. tristan

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  2. tristan

    I had never heard of shiraz viognier,obviosly Yellowtail does not make it.

    I will have to check the Australian section.

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