Domaine Pierre Cros Minervois Rouge Vielles Vignes 2009

By | February 23, 2013

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally found time to catch up on a few favourites from Christmas.  The big upside of Christmas is plenty of relaxed time at home (or someone else’s home) to chat and huddle up in the warm and enjoy some wine.

Domaine Pierre Cros Minervois Rouge Vielles Vignes 2009 from Aldeby Wines fits that bill perfectly.  It’s a beautiful rich colour, which works particularly well under Christmas lights.

It smells warming, if such a thing is possible, like gently stewed plums.  There’s more blackberries and damsons and all things autumnal in the flavour, along with something almost clove-like, although I may have been allowing the Christmas cheer to get the better of my taste buds.

I’m told it’s wine from hundred year old vines, which adds a touch of romance, imagine how many evenings those vines have brightened up with their fruit.  Here’s to their next 100 years.

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