Intrepid Bear Viognier 2010

By | June 11, 2012

This wine has a cycling bear on the label.  A bear on a penny farthing.  What’s not to love?  I admit my ‘buying by label’ adventures have rarely turned out well, so whilst I was happy to express delight at the label, I didn’t save it for best.

It made its way to our street’s Jubilee party, to be drunk outside accompanying falafels and jerk chicken, fish cakes and bhajis, pavlova and summer pudding all in a Commonwealth indigestion party.  California may not be in the Commonwealth, but as the USA was a former colony, it seemed a better fit that European wines.

Maybe it was the fun of children playing in the closed roads, adults making their own bejewelled crowns and pensioners competing in three legged races, but this wine was really good.  It stood up to that abuse well.  It smelled floral and yet mysteriously spicy.  It tasted slightly floral, but with a good splodge of stone fruit.  Just off dry maybe the sugar went to my head, but I really enjoyed it.

At about £7 a bottle from Naked Wines it was good value, and it had a picture of a cycling bear on the front too.  Did I mention that?